Characteristics of the Yearbook

The bilingual Jahrbuch/Yearbook of the Dubnow Institute is published by Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, Göttingen, and is the key regular publication of the Institute. Its readership is the German and international scholarly public.


Each Yearbook has a General Section along with changing thematic foci. The broad survey essays and special studies in the main section deal with the history of individual Jewries in Central and Eastern Europe. Regular features are the sections »Historians and Other Scholars,« and »Dubnowiana,« which presents essays and source materials on the life and work of Simon Dubnow. In addition, there are reports »From Research« as well as detailed »Literature Reports.« 


Various methodological approaches are employed in the Yearbook and stand there side by side, all equal in their value for illuminating historical reality – the history of diplomacy and politics, social history, legal history, the history of science and the history of memory. The variety of approaches is in keeping with the diversity of the historical topics treated.


The Yearbook stands in the best tradition of established periodicals in the humanities, as reflected in its advisory board of internationally respected scholars, its scientific style, superb editorial work and exacting design and appealing presentation. The director of the Institute is its editor.



Yfaat Weiss


Head, Editorial Team

Petra Klara Gamke-Breitschopf


Advisory Board

Marion Aptroot, Düsseldorf – Aleida Assmann, Konstanz – Jacob Barnai, Haifa – Israel Bartal, Jerusalem – Omer Bartov, Providence, N. J. – Esther Benbassa, Paris – Dominique Bourel, Paris – Michael Brenner, München/Washington, D. C. – Matti Bunzl, Urbana-Champaign – Lois Dubin, Northampton, Mass. – Todd Endelman, Ann Arbor, Mich. – David Engel, New York – Shmuel Feiner, Ramat Gan – Norbert Frei, Jena – Sander L. Gilman, Atlanta, Ga. – Frank Golczewski, Hamburg – Michael Graetz, Heidelberg – Heiko Haumann, Basel – Susannah Heschel, Hanover, N. H. – Yosef Kaplan, Jerusalem – Cilly Kugelmann, Berlin – Mark Levene, Southampton – Leonid Luks, Eichstätt – Ezra Mendelsohn (1940–2015), Jerusalem – Paul Mendes-Flohr, Jerusalem/Chicago, Ill. – Gabriel Motzkin, Jerusalem – David N. Myers, Los Angeles, Calif. – Jacques Picard, Basel – Gertrud Pickhan, Berlin – Anthony Polonsky, Waltham, Mass. – Renée Poznanski, Beer Sheva – Peter Pulzer, Oxford – Monika Richarz, Berlin – Manfred Rudersdorf, Leipzig – Rachel Salamander, München – Winfried Schulze, München – Hannes Siegrist, Leipzig – Gerald Stourzh, Wien – Stefan Troebst, Leipzig – Feliks Tych (1929–2015), Warschau – Yfaat Weiss, Jerusalem – Monika Wohlrab-Sahr, Leipzig – Moshe Zimmermann, Jerusalem – Steven J. Zipperstein, Stanford, Calif. 

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